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What is a Classical Education?

What is a Classical Education?


Classical education is over 2,500 years old and originates from the Greeks and Romans.  It was refined in the Middle Ages into its current form.  Classical refers to the period of time it was established and also the classical works that are studied.  

Classical education teaches students how to learn by engaging them strategically, based on their grade and particular interests at a certain developmental stage.  Instead of providing disconnected facts, figures, and phonics, classical education encourages curiosity and context, connecting ideas so children can become independent thinkers. For example, a lesson on Galileo would be applied to history, grammar, and science (even math) seamlessly, allowing the student a broad context that will enhance their comprehension and knowledge base.  The only difference from grade to grade would be teaching methods and how the information is presented.  

A classical education is an education aimed at human excellence. It is traditional in the ends it pursues, in the materials it uses, and in the methods it employs. Classical schools seek to cultivate ethical and humanistic habits of thought and action in order to orient students’ minds and affections to that of excellence, perseverance, concern, and active citizenship. To this end, classical schools offer a traditional course of study that focuses on the liberal arts and sciences, and a traditional pedagogy that emphasizes active forms of learning. 

Classical education employs a three-stage process of training the mind:

(1) The grammar stage, which focuses on learning facts and laying the foundations for advanced study. (elementary school)

(2) The logic stage, which teaches students to reason out the relationships between facts and think through perspective and theory (midde school)

(3) The rhetoric stage, which focuses on wise and persuasive use of facts, perspective, and theory through speech and writing.  (middle & high school)

Students at Monarch Classical School of the Arts will pursue knowledge and wisdom at every grade level and in each of the many disciplines offered to our students. Our academic focus is on developing thoughtful, literate, and expressive students through a research and time-tested model that is systematic and comprehensive. 

Below is a short video outlining classical education and effects on student development.