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Head of School                                                                                                                                                                                                Chief Instructional Officer

Leigha Johnson


Dean of Students & Outreach



Pauline Eltagonde served as a member of Monarch's founding team. She began her teaching career almost by accident. Starting out as a stay-at- home mom with a commitment to her children’s educational experience, she began working as a guest teacher in their rural Colorado school. Within a short amount of time, she decided to pursue her interest of building classrooms of excellence as a full-time profession. She has spent the last eight years teaching elementary school within the Colorado Springs area and advocating for an equitable school experience for all students. Pauline is an active member of many parent and community organizations and considers her service to our country (as an Army veteran), community, and families to be her proudest achievements. Although originally from Detroit, Michigan, Colorado has been her home for the past twenty years. Pauline received a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and Specialization in Elementary Education from Regis University. She is currently pursuing a Master of Art in Instructional Leadership.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors, and being active with her six children and two grandchildren.

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Dean of Instruction & Assessments                                                                                                                                             


Mr. Williams graduated from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, Colorado College with a Master of Arts in Teaching, and Walden University with a Doctorate in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. His professional experience within public education includes seventeen years as a K-8 teacher, Instructional Coach, and District Assessments & Data Coordinator. Mr. Williams has traveled to Spain and a number of South American countries to spend time as a bilingual teacher and to conduct researcher on matters within education.



Business Office

Harold Johnson served as the business and finance expert on Monarch's founding team. His previous experience includes 20 years of government service, selected as a Commissioned Officer of the United States Air Force.  During his years of military service, Mr. Johnson worked within Finance, Acquisitions, and Personnel. Some of the positions that he has held include: Program Integration Manager, Financial Manager, Deputy Comptroller, Flight Commander, Resource Adviser, Acquisitions Manager, Financial Analyst, as well as Human Capital and Personnel Administrator. Harold is passionate about serving the needs of military servicemen and their families, in addition to promoting patriotic traditions that highlight the freedoms that our armed forces protect. Mr. Johnson frequently volunteers in various professional and community organizations to include veteran rehabilitation efforts, under-privileged youth mentoring and scholarship, professional accounting and finance clubs, parent education initiatives, and environmental protection efforts. Harold holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Resource Management, Master of Arts in Human Resource Management, numerous accounting and asset management certifications, and is completing a Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership.

In his free time he enjoys nonfiction writing, causal dining with live music,  attending theater and musical performances of all genres, scoring good seats at Broncos games, and planning frequent adventures to take his children on.


Executive Assistant 

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Kindergarten Teacher


Ms. Mosley graduated from Arkansas State University with a Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Minor in Psychology. Her previous professional experiences include Preschool Teacher, Behavior Interventionist, and Respite Coordinator for Children with Special Needs. Ms. Mosley recently moved to Colorado from a small town in Arkansas and is excited to have her first class of kindergarten students.

Ms. Mosley considers herself a servant of humanity and is passionately committed to developing students through shared connections and personal empowerment. Since her childhood, she has always looked for opportunities to help others whether it be in their home, learning environment, professional workplace, or informal social settings.

"Throughout my educational journey I discovered a special love for children. I believe children are our strength primarily because I have been a single mother to an 8 year old who has stood by me as I completed the toughest and most gratifying times of my life thus far. On a daily basis I look for ways to TEACH and be of service in my community, always advocating for our children. I am a firm believer that “it takes a VILLAGE to raise a CHILD”, and I look forward to adding to the villages of  our Monarch families and students!" -Cadedra Mosley

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Kindergarten Teacher


Ms. Edge graduated from the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs with a Bachelor of Innovation in Inclusive Early Childhood Education with a focus in Creative Communications. She has been Assistant Teacher for two years and Preschool Teacher for one year.  Ever since she was five years old she always dreamed of being a teacher, and is the most excited she could possibly be for this coming school year.

Ms. Edge grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and adventured to Colorado about four years ago.  Her kindergarten teacher inspired a love of school and initiated a deep desire to become an educator.  Ms. Edge hopes to instill that same love of life and learning in her students and is dedicated to sharing a joyful environment with every student and family that she has the privilege of working with. She is an enthusiastic, passionate child advocate and is committed to being the support that families need her to be.  Some hobbies that Ms. Edge enjoys include: hiking, biking, fishing, walking her dog, and painting!

A quote that Ms. Edge likes to refer to is: “teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning".


First Grade Teacher

Rachel Birkey current.JPG

Second Grade Teacher


Ms. Birkey graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Minor in World Languages and Cultures. She has a passion for exploring, learning through books, and spending time in nature. A fun fact about Ms. Birkey is she speaks fluent Spanish and spent classroom time in Ecuador, China, and the Dominican Republic.

Ms. Birkey is thrilled to have the opportunity to serve parents of Monarch and eagerly awaits meeting her first class of second graders. As a child, she always loved playing school and teaching her younger sister and babysitter. Although her parents thought she was a natural at teaching and predicted she'd become a teacher, Ms. Birkey grew up having dreams of owning a “root beer farm" and being an artist.

"My mission as a teacher is to equip students with a love of learning and a commitment to character, which will help them to live out their dreams and become world changers. Because of my commitment to serving others, I aspire to create a classroom where students from various backgrounds can come and learn." -Rachel Birkey


Third Grade Teachers

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Fourth Grade Teachers 

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Fifth Grade Teachers

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Sixth Grade Teachers

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Special Education Teachers

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Music & Piano Teacher


Ms. Cheshire graduated from Ouachita University with a Bachelor of Arts in Choral Music Education.  Upon graduation, she moved to Lafayette, Louisiana, one of America’s most diversely musical cities-with a rich history and even richer food! Thanks to the wonderful culture offered in Louisiana, Ms. Cheshire has become incredibly experienced in teaching, directing, and performing all genres of music. She has been a part of ensembles that have performed around the world and directed shows with students of all kinds, from talented teenagers to courageous kindergartners.

Ms. Cheshire always knew she wanted to be a music teacher. Starting at a young age she experienced the effect music can have when experienced daily, and witnessed the profound influence it can have over a lifetime. She has learned that developing her students into musicians is not about expecting perfection, but allowing her students to enjoy and create music in their own way. In her classroom she seeks to build intentional relationships through joyful and challenging lessons that celebrate differences, while unifying a group of individuals. She loves what she does and is grateful to be doing it! If Ms. Cheshire is not in the classroom or writing lesson plans, then you will probably find her reading a book or running outdoors, both of which are most likely accompanied by the music of Rachmaninoff or Coldplay, two of her favorite composers! Having spent the last several years far from Colorado, Erin Cheshire could not be more excited to return to her hometown of Colorado Springs to be a part of Monarch Classical School of the Arts!

"Education holds such potential for change - for the future of a community, down to improving a single moment of a child’s life. This change occurs through learning and my personal philosophy states that no significant learning can occur without significant relationship. Relationship begins through exhibiting respect to each student in my room by providing meticulously planned lessons delivered with sincere enthusiasm. Creating a culture of growth can only occur when students feel safe and connected; by respecting my students, an atmosphere for connection is established. Every student is able to grow and learn, and it is a joy to diligently pursue each path of success through constant personal reflection and persistent patience, even in the face of adversity. My responsibility as a music teacher is often a unique role in any educational setting. I have an incredible tool at my disposal to create relationships and learning, for music is not only something that improves test scores, but it can be used to challenge my students, celebrate their diversity, as well as unite a community." -Erin Cheshire


Visual Arts Teacher


Mrs. Alarcon graduated from the University of Maine at Orono with a Bachelor of Science in Teaching Visual Arts and a Minor in History and Music. Her previous teaching experience includes over a decade of elementary and K-12 visual arts. Mrs. Alarcon has been honored at the regional and state level for student work within K-12 competitions, art showcases, and several professional awards celebrating her excellence in teaching and ongoing promotion of arts within public education.  

Mrs. Alarcon and her husband moved to Colorado six years ago, voyaging across country from the state of Maine. Since living in Colorado they have enjoyed countless hiking adventures and are always up for participation in community festivals and creative, social projects. 

"My thirst for learning, inquiry, and new teaching abilities never ceases -an attitude I will develop with my students.  In my classroom, we build positive relationships and enliven curiosity. My goal is to create a meaningful community of learners who soar with their ideas, feel comfortable in their environment, and flourish in their lifelong learning. Students at Monarch will find their daily art experience to be engaging, enlightening, and empowering." -Emmy Alarcon


Performing Arts Teacher

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Athletics Trainer

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Student Support Assistants

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