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Parent Organization

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

Monarch Classical School of the Arts was founded on the principles that parents and guardians as key stakeholder within school functions and processes. Parents are encouraged to participate in their child's education as often as they are able. To support the dynamics of parent teacher partnerships, Monarch commits to providing weekly progress updates to families through their preferred method of communication. Additionally, a council of parents will be organized to facilitate ongoing collaboration with families, school administrators, and staff in support of the children that we serve. All parents and guardians are welcome to participate in this effort and are encouraged to contact the school leader, Leigha Johnson, if interested in heading aspects of the PTO.

Active recruitment for PTO membership is going on right now! Please email for more details. 

Founding Families

Founding Families are a core group of parent volunteers that work closely with our school leadership in enrollment, sponsorship, school and community events, and public outreach in preparation for the opening of the school. Children of founding families will not have to participate in the lottery. Ways to become a founding family:

·         Participate in Monarch's PTO Activities

·         Attend Community Outreach Events

·         Assist with Facility Projects/Organization Goals

·         Assist with Fundraising

·         Prepare Materials for Board/Volunteer Meetings