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Community Partnerships

Community Partners

Community Partnerships are key to creating strong schools. Families, schools, and community organizations that work together increase student achievement, thus, strengthen opportunities for a prosperous future for all. Creating, developing, and maintaining community partnerships is a continuous process imperative to the continued success and growth of MCSA. We are thankful for the collaboration and support of our partners, in giving your child a world-class education. 

Partnerships include, but are not limited to volunteering, in kind donations, services, materials, and financial support. If you or your organization are interested in supporting our school, please contact us! 

Colorado Charter School Institute

CSI is a statewide public charter school authorizer. Monarch Classical School of the Arts received unanimous authorization by the CSI Board. The support and guidance of the CSI team has been invaluable.

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Colorado League of Charter Schools

The mission of the Colorado League of Charter Schools is to improve student achievement by supporting Colorado’s charter schools, positively reshaping the public school landscape, and advancing opportunities for innovation and expanded high-quality public school choice. The League staffers are a treasure trove of knowledge. We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with them.