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Accepting New Enrollments Now Through October 1, 2018

Monarch Classical School of the Arts has extended enrollment deadline to October 1, 2018. We’re looking for families and community members to help us spread the word.


How you Can Help

If you love Monarch as much as we do, share our message. Here’s some of our favorite things about Monarch. We are committed to educating the whole child and supporting all members of our team. Our goal is to prepare students to meet the social and academic challenges of the world around them. Our approach develops the whole child by engaging all of the senses and ignites curiosity for life-long learning.

What that means is we focus on each child’s unique giftedness, interest, and struggles. We track their academic progress, social and emotional progress, their creativity, their personal goals and, collectively create Individual Learning Plans for each student.

We offer FREE enrichment program before school, as early as 6am and after school as late as 6pm. This can be anything from music to visual and performance arts, to athletics, social clubs and even academic tutoring. Your child’s success is as important to us as it is to you and your family.

We offer 30-45 minutes of daily instruction in voice and piano lessons plus 30-45 minutes of daily instruction in visual arts plus 0-45 minutes of daily instruction instruction in performing arts/athletics.  

Teach support is also very important to us. Our teachers receive 90 minutes of plan time each day plus weekly instructional coaching from highly-supporting, mentor educators.

Monarch is very family oriented. We encourage your participation in our success! Please let us know if you are interested and available to volunteer at our school. It takes a village!

And best of all…we’re FREE! There is no cost to attend Monarch.